Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why am I able to get a better price with AllAutoExports?


We aren’t a Dealership that looks at a typical trade-in value or only pays what a local value may be. Through our connections in the US, Canada and in some cases abroad we get you the best value regardless of where you are. Some vehicles price better in the US and some hold better value outside of the current area. We look far and wide for that great price.

Q. What is the process to selling my vehicle?


Just fill in the form provided on the HomePage. Once you give us all the info you just need to arrange for a time to drop by for an in-person appraisal. It’s really that simple.

We can usually get a price within hours and pay you on the spot.

Q. Why don’t I export my vehicle myself?


Sure you could. But if you’re not very familiar with all the regulatory paperwork and even the EPA rules & regulations around your vehicle it can be a daunting process. Because we’ve done it before we know exactly what to expect and can make the sale a seamless one.

Q. Can you refer me to a New Vehicle Dealer after my sale?


We’re not in the business of new sales but through our vast network we can recommend some Dealers that will work for you. Some that we even have special relationships with…wink, wink.

Q. Which vehicles get great value in the US?


Well, most well taken care of vehicles with low kilometres get the best value anywhere. But the US has been known to look for trucks and full-size SUVs no later than 2008. That said, exotic vehicles are always in demand.


Q. Where are you located?


We are in the north east side of Airdrie right off the QE Highway. You can see from the map provided that it has very easy access.